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Visit our store at 1740 N. Milwaukee Chicago, IL
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A Few Words About HotVapes

HotVapes specializes in state of the art vape tech and offers over 135 tasty flavors of e-Liquid crafted here at our lab in Chicago. We distribute to vape shops across the U.S. and have a wide variety of e-Cigarettes, vaporizers, devices and mods, clearos, tanks and accessories to meet your vaping needs.

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HotVapes tries to anticipate and answer your questions or concerns regarding the vaping experience along with our products. We know what we're expecting from a vaporizer and it is reflected in everything we do as it's our hope that you like our vaporizers too. HotVapes Big Heart, Hookah and Organic e-liquids are made with only high quality ingredients. Our PG and VG are USP certified. We carefully test our nicotine to ensure it's purity. The quality of each ingredient we use is reflected in each and every bottle of our e-Juice.

Let us know if you cannot find the answer to your questions in our Store pages or Extras. Send us an email and we will do our best to get you the information you need promptly. Thanks for visiting HotVapes!

Hot Vapes Wholesale e-Cigarettes Inquiries

If you are looking to get into selling ecigs, or you already sell them but need a new supplier, you are in the right place. HotVapes offers great deals on wholesale e-Cigs and we also carry e-Liquids wholesale.

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