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Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes To Boost Your Bottom Line

Electronic cigarettesIf you’re looking for an additional profit stream, wholesale e cigarettes are a great product to carry since the demand is high, and only continuing to grow. As the net on smoking bans continues to expand, the wholesale e cig business continues to explode. People are turning to e cigarettes for the convenience, the lack of smoke and smell (and ashes), the flexibility in flavor and strength, and the long-term savings so why not get in on this booming business?

What Are Good Businesses to Sell Electronic Cigarettes From?

Just about any business has existing customers that are interested. Some popular places that consumers like to pick up e cigs from are:

  • gas station
  • lounge
  • restaurant
  • bar
  • spa
  • smoke shop
  • cigar bar
  • night club
  • Gentleman’s club
  • or just about any other business

What Type of Wholesale E Cig Items Can You Sell?

You can sell a variety of related items and accessories that include e cig starter kits, disposable e cigarettes, e cigarette liquids, adapters, drip tips, and much more. You can also offer varying flavors of liquids and strengths of nicotine to meet each consumer’s desires and needs.

The wholesale electronic cigarettes business is a lucrative one that’s not going anywhere anytime soon and many people find once they try e cigarettes, they prefer vaping over traditional cigarettes. This means customers generally keep coming back for more and often convert completely.

If you’re looking for electronic cigarettes wholesale, contact us to discuss your needs and pricing. If you’re just getting into the wholesale electronic cigarette business and not sure what you should start out with, we will be happy to discuss the best products with you. We look forward to being your partner in success!