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High Voltage Vaping: The Shocking Possibilities

e-Cigarette High Performance BatteriesWhen you talk about the best mods for personal vaporizers you’re really talking about what you can do that will provide the perfect vape for no one else but you. We believe that is exactly the way it should be, which is why HotVapes is where to buy e-Cigarette mods and voltage regulators as well as where to buy electronic cigarettes. When it comes to getting the best and most refined vape you need to control the exact amount of power that is running through the heating element in your atomizer.


Where To Buy e-Cigarette High Performance Batteries

If you are going to take your vaping to the next level with precise voltage control then you need to look at using bigger batteries. The kind of power you need is beyond the basic e-Cig battery like the 510. You need one that is much, much bigger and that means using a mod. This is just a case that is large enough to contain the bigger battery and adapt it to the threads of your atomizer.

HotVapes is where to buy electronic cigarettes.

Check out the Bombshell Mod that works with the AW IMR 18650 battery And the Bombshell Stinger Mod kickin’ it with the even more awesome IMR 26650 battery

How To Kick It Up With The Bombshell Stinger

HotVapes’ very own Bombshell Stinger Mod has an extra wide bore that makes room for the extra girth of the 26650 battery size so that you can add the Kick module which lets you adjust your exact power levels between a range of 5 and 10 watts. HotVapes.com matches the Stinger to it exclusively. We are pleased to be able to offer it to our customers.


Here Is The Ultimate Mod For High Power Vaping

We have come to the Variable Voltage v2 (standalone). This mod gives you precise control through four buttons and a voltage read out display. It operates with a 3.7-volt battery but you can dial in the voltage to your atomizer from 3.0v to 6.0v.

What is the point of all this technical wizardry? This is where it gets really, really different from traditional smoking. It’s so you can dial in the sweet spot for flavor. You actually get to tune your smokeless cigarette and that is the ultimate experience in premium electronic cigarettes.

Whether you are looking for your first experience with electronic cigarettes or you’re an aficionado exploring where to buy electronic cigarettes.  We have everything you need for a pleasant, affordable experience!


Vaping vs Smoking. Why do so many people feel that vaping is a superior experience compared to smoking?

1.) No smoke inhalation
2.) No offensive odor emitted into the air, on the clothes or breath
3.) It tastes great; there are many delicious flavors
4.) Costs less than smoking
5.) No stains left on the fingers or teeth, no burns left in the couch
6.) Can vape in many places where smoking is prohibited
7.) Components are rechargeable and refillable; vaping is easier on the environment
8.) No one will bum a “smoke” from you
9.) If you put the wrong end in your mouth, you won't burn your lips off
10.) It's way, way cooler