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Stop Letting Smoking Keep You on the Outside: Vapor Electronic Cigarettes Go Anywhere!


One of the best benefits of vapor electronic cigarettes is that they can go with you all the places regular cigarettes can’t. 

Across the US, smoking is increasing prohibited in restaurants, stores, theaters, hotel rooms and even bars. Looking at the growing unpopularity of smoking, this trend is expected to continue. Not only is smoking unwelcome, many cities have ordinances that prevent people from smoking with a certain distance of a building’s entrance, and smokers face quite a trek to get to a smoking area. Hunting for an acceptable place to smoke is frustrating and time-consuming.

Imagine no more trips outside in the heat or cold to get your smoke break. No more smelly clothes to advertise you as a smoker and no more disgruntled glances from the non-smokers around you. Best of all, imagine not having to leave the action, just so you can find a place to smoke.  By switching to Hot Vapes vapor electronic cigarettes, you can enjoy the same experience in the comfort of your surroundings and without the all the drawbacks of conventional cigarettes.

Vapor e-cigarettes convert nicotine-infused liquids into vapor, which you then inhale.  When you exhale, the only byproduct is water vapor. With no offensive secondhand smoke, vapor electronic cigarettes can be used just about anywhere. Mini electronic cigarettes are as portable as their analogue counterparts, and provide a similar experience without the negative side effects of smelly clothes and stained teeth. Since no odorous smoke is generated, you won’t have to search for that smoke break location. Instead of being isolated, you’ll be free to enjoy your electronic cigarette nearly everywhere you go, all without affecting the people around you.

Worried if you will like switching to a mini electronic cigarette? Just like cigarettes have unique flavors and qualities, so too do vapor e-cigarettes. At Hot Vapes, we stock 67 different liquids that are mixed by hand and fresh to order, and we’ll help you find your perfect flavor! We also can adjust the level of nicotine in your liquid, so your vapor electronic cigarette experience is perfectly customized to your taste and needs. We’ll supply you with the all equipment and know-how you need make the jump from a smoker to a “vaper.”

Stop letting smoking control your time and location. Check out our selection of  vapor electronic cigarettes, and see how Hot Vapes can keep you right where the action is!