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USB Charger (Ego and Twist)

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USB Charger (Ego and Twist)

Product code: USB-corded

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Corded USB chargers are for charging Ego-style batteries


Ego-style batteries should only be charged with this Ego cordless charger. (Output: DC 5V 420mA).

This charger is compatible with batteries included in our Torpedo Kits. 

Another option is to use our wall charger (illustrated below) in conjunction with this USB charger. (The wall chargers are generally rated at DC:5V 500mA). However, and this can not be stressed enough, do not use other wall adapters, such as iphone or ipad chargers, USB outlets that are on wall A/C plates etc... These types of chargers and outlets supply much more current from the wall, and may cause you battery to fail, vent, or explode. Of course this usb charger may be simply plugged into your computer as well.

*Electronic cigarettes may contain Li-ion battery cells which can explode or burst into flame if used improperly. Do not disassemble, puncture, cut, crush, short-circuit, incenerate, recharge (disposable cells only), or expose to water, fire, or high temperatures. Batteries should be charged in a fire-proof container, and be checked after charging and before use. Never charge batteries unattended. Only use approriate chargers intended specifically for your battery, do not mix. By purchasing these products, the buyer assumes all risks and liabilities associated with lithium batteries. Is is your responsibility to understand the dangers as well as the proper procedures for handling Li-ion based battery cells.

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