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USB Charger (808D cigarette style)

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USB Charger (808D cigarette style)

Product code: usb808d

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The cordless 808D usb charger is for use with 808D batteries.  Click on the image to the left for more info.


The cordless 808D usb charger is for use with 808D cigarette-style batteries and can be plugged into your computer's usb port. THIS CHARGER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BATTERIES INCLUDED IN OUR TORPEDO KITS.

Another option is to use our wall charger (illustrated below) in conjunction with this USB charger. (The wall chargers are generally rated at DC:5V 500mA). However, and this can not be stressed enough, do not use other wall adapters, such as iphone or ipad chargers, USB outlets that are on wall A/C plates etc... These types of chargers and outlets supply much more current from the wall, and may cause you battery to fail, vent, or explode. 

*Aside from the single piece 510 and 808 cigarette style chargers, be aware there are corded chargers for e-cigs on the market that have usb on one end, and the e-cig connection on the other end. The chargers for 510 or 808 cigarette style batteries have a rated output of DC 4.2V, 0.2A which is also shown as 200ma. These are less common than the single piece chargers, but will safely work with your 510 or 808 e-cig charger. With that being said, DO NOT USE corded chargers that have a sticker showing a rating of 420ma. This will potentially cause your battery to vent or explode!

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