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Top 3 Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

E cigarettes are fast becoming the preferred “smoking” method, although it’s not really smoking at all. More appropriately referred to as “vaping” because the liquids used create an odorless vapor, e cigs offer extensive flexibility for smokers and they’re cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

What Are The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes?

E cigarettes vape liquids

  • Location, location, location! When you want to smoke a cigarette these days, you practically have to hide. Bans have almost eliminated every location that a smoker can smoke in. Not only is it no longer legal to smoke inside of most places but in many places, you can’t step just outside to smoke either. You have to go away from the building to smoke. Ecigs give you your locations back! Because they don’t emit smoke, the odorless vapor isn’t offensive to anyone and most places allow vaping.
  • Flavor, flavor, flavor! Choose your favorite e cig liquid. While tobacco and menthol flavors are still good flavors that you can choose, e cigs allow you to also explore a long line of flavors to suit your mood and preferences either once in a while or all of the time. You can have a coffee flavored vape in the morning, a drink flavored vape with your afternoon lunch, and a chocolate or bananas foster flavor in the evening! With more than 100 flavors available here at Hot Vapes, you can indulge in one favorite flav or have a variety to choose from at any given time. Our flavors are all made in the USA ecig liquids.
  • Money, money, money! Electronic cigarettes cost a fraction of what traditional cigarettes cost in the long run. With the average pack currently costing anywhere from $6.00-$11.00 depending on brand and where you live, that adds up to anywhere from $180-$330 on average if you’re a pack-a-day smoker. …that’s equal to a bill, or three! Ecigs cost a fraction of that, that amount of money can stock you up for months instead of just one! You can choose from disposable electronic cigarettes that you toss after use or you can go with reusable ecigs that can be refilled and recharged when necessary.

If you’re looking for a discount electronic cigarette, look no more. At Hot Vapes, we offer top quality ecigs at amazing prices. And we’ve been mentioned in more than one best electronic cigarette review! Browse our site and choose the perfect ecig products for ‘you’ or contact us with any questions you have.