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Torpedo Twist 650 Evod-Style glass blister box (dual-coil)

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Torpedo Twist 650 Evod-Style glass blister box (dual-coil)

Product code: TORPEDO-TWIST-650-Evod-glass

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Torpedo Twist 650 Evod-Style glass blister box (dual-coil)

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Our Torpedo Twist Blister Box is a great out of the box single battery kit. It comes with an Evod-style HV 650mAh Twist Battery, Evod-style glass dual-coil tank, and a USB to 510 corded charger. Everything you need to get started with a quality vape right away! It's available in a wide variety of attractive colors.

The Twist battery is a device that allows you to change your battery voltage. While a traditional eGo or Evod battery runs nominally unloaded at 3.7v, the Twist gives you the ability to vary your voltage to match your taste or atomizer resistance. Some juices taste better at higher voltages while others are great at lower ones. Sometimes you just want a little extra kick in your vape. The Twist goes up to 4.8v, which is enough extra for most people.

*The Evod-style glass tank holds nearly 1.6ml of juice when completely filled.  Replacement dual-coil are available here on our website.

Only use the corded USB charger with Evod batteries(output DC:4.2V 420mA), not the cordless charger. Another option is to use our wall charger in conjunction with our corded USB charger. These are generally rated at (DC:5V 500mA). However, and this can not be stressed enough, do not use other wall adapters, such as iphone or ipad chargers, USB outlets that are on wall A/C plates etc... These types of chargers and outlets supply much more current from the wall, and may cause you battery to fail, vent, or explode.

*Li-ion batteries have a protected circuit board (PCB) to shut the entire lithium cell down in the event of instability, however, if the voltage being sent is way too much for that PCB to regulate, it can fry it completely, causing the lithium electrolyte chemistry inside of the cell to become unstable. There are numerous dangers associated with the lithium ion battery and it is very important that you educate yourself on the proper handling of such a material. A proper handling card is included with your order.

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