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Proper Care and Maintenance of Torpedo Personal Vaporizers


Keeping in mind a few essential things will promote long vaporizer life and a consistently good vaping experience.

Firstly, your personal vaporizer consists of three components: a clearomizer, an atomizer, and a battery.

Clearomizers fit onto the top of the battery. Cleaning your clearomizer every couple weeks or so with a clear liquor such as vodka or fresh water, can help promote longevity. Atomizers have a general life expectancy of one to two weeks but may occasionally last longer. 

Very Important: Occasionally your Personal Vaporizer (PV) may stop creating vapor. Often this is not due to a failed component.

After significant usage either the threading on the atomizer (or cartomizer) and the port on the battery can become gummed with excess liquid. Simply take a q-tip or paper towel (which you may or may not dip in solvent) and run it around the atty or clearo's threading. Then push the q-tip or towel into the battery's connecter and rotate it around the inside of the port. You will likely notice a residue on the q-tip or towel. Clean the port until you do not notice any more residue. Screw the atty or carto and battery together again. This should do the trick.

If you are using an atomizer and still not getting vapor – and if the clearomizer is not depleted and the led on the battery still lights up – then the round plate between the atomizer's threading may not be making contact with the battery. Simply use a pair of tweezers or something else with a fine point and go around the plate, lifting it up slightly. Alternatively, you may carefully stick the end of a paperclip into the plate's hole, and lift the plate that way. This should allow the plate to make better battery contact, and your vaporizer to produce vapor. If your vaporizer still does not produce vapor, you may need a new atomizer.

Batteries are rated for about 300 charges. To charge, just screw your battery into the kit's USB charger and plug it into your computer. For convenience, you may also want to pick up a wall or car charger as well. Both have a USB port and work in conjunction with your USB charger. Do not leave a charging battery unattended. 

Thanks for choosing HotVapes. Happy vaping!

Special Considerations for the Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Mod

Mods like the BombShell require some additional considerations.  Maintaining your mod in good working order requires attention to not just keeping the atomizer/cartomizer connector port clean and free of excess juice, but also keeping the threading that connects the top and bottom pieces clean as well.  Over time these threads will accumulate debris.  Every week or so it is a good idea to clean them with a damp rag to remove any accumulations.  Using a solvent like WD40 can help as well.  Frequently a misfiring atty or carto is due to dirty connections.

Attys and cartos themselves are often responsible for poor performance.  Atomizers tend to last two weeks on the short side and eight weeks on the long.  Cartomizers are considered disposable and generally function well for about a week of normal use.  Ones that continue to function longer than a week may exhibit performance degradation, and we recommend tossing them after one week.

Do NOT over-tighten your atomizer or cartomizer.  Most attys and cartos will not sit flush against the top of the connector port.  Over-tightening your atty/carto may damage the connector port or cause an electrical short rendering your mod inoperable.  This sort of problem is entirely avoidable.  Screw in your atty or carto only to the point you can hear it hiss or that it produces vapor.

Finally, as with any piece of tech, be careful not to drop your mod from heights or into water.