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Get Serious and Go Mod: The Premium Personal Vaporizer

What is the point of a mod? Basically a mod is a super large battery built into a case. This makes it the high-tech, premium electronic cigarette. There are other elements that can be included such as a voltage booster known as the “Kick”. The point is that with such a large battery you can vape all day, for several days before you need to recharge it. This gives you the ultimate in smokeless cigarettes, dialed-in to your exact taste.


There’s No Premium Electronic Cigarette Bigger Than The Bombshell!

The Bombshell from Hotvapes.com is a great example of the type. It fits nicely to the hand and stands on the table, about the size of an electric toothbrush. When you start to get into mods like the Bombshell, you really know that you are not smoking; you are going beyond smokeless cigarettes engaging in a totally different activity.

The Bombshell is really tough and boasts a really durable tube of solid metal. You can use it to drop the e-liquid directly with an atomizer or build on it as a mod that integrates the Kick Power Control Adapter to your battery in an awesome way. It comes with a kit including one battery, which may be all you ever need. Attach it to your personal choice of atomizer, cartomizer or tank and it’s truly the ultimate premium electronic cigarette!


HotVapes.com is your one-stop shop for smokeless cigarettes and indulging in the vaping lifestyle. We have everything you need from mods, which are the top end of personal vaporizers, to electronic cigarette starter kits, and tasty e-liquids.

 P.S. – don’t forget accessories like our sweet schwag so you can fly the HV flag!