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HotVapes Return Policy

This section concerns items purchased directly from HotVapes.com - HotVapes items purchased from an authorized reseller must be handled through the store you purchased the item at. Their return policy may differ and we offer no guarantee on items purchased anywhere other than HotVapes.com.


e-Liquids/Cartridges/Drip Tips/Used Clearomizer Tanks/Used Atomizer Coils

As a safety precaution, HotVapes does NOT accept ANY e-Liquids, cartridges, used clearomizer tanks, used atomizer coils, or drip tips returns for any reason. Although, if you received an incorrect or broken item in your order, we will gladly send you the correct item. If we are unable to replace the item, we will offer you the equivalent store credit. Please contact us via phone or email as soon as you receive your package if this has happened.

We create every bottle of e-Liquid in our AEMSA certified lab by hand and each bottle has a shelf life of approximately a year after creation. Nicotine is also subjective to oxidation, meaning it will become a darker (often brown) color with age This is especially important during the summer months because heat speeds up this process. This does not affect the potency of the nicotine and does not reflect on the quality of the e-Liquid. We will not exchange any e-Liquids because of nicotine coloration.

Evod/Ego-Style Batteries

All of our Ego-style batteries (HV, KangerTech, Vision, etc) include a 30 day guarantee against manufacturing defects. If you believe there is a manufacturing defect with your battery, please contact us immediately. This does NOT include malfunctions that occur due to improper use or battery upkeep. ALWAYS RECHARGE YOUR BATTERY WITH THE PROPER CHARGER. DO NOT TRY TO CHARGE YOUR BATTERY WITH AN PHONE CHARGER/TABLET CHARGER/BROKEN CHARGER/ETC EVEN IF IT "FITS". Often times these output a higher voltage than is recommended for your vaporizer and can ruin your battery. It is important to research Li-Ion rechargeable batteries before using your vaporizer.

We do NOT cover battery returns due to: 
- Overtightening of a clearomizer so much that you strip the threading and pushes down the center post of your battery.
-  Allowing excess e-liquid to build up and leak into your battery.
- Dropping your vaporizer into a toilet, allowing your dog to make a chew toy out of it, driving over it with a car, or other issues that arise from general negligence.
- A sudden change in mind about vaping or battery color choice. 

Please check out our Tips and Tricks page for more information on how to keep your battery in tip-top condition. If you take good care of your battery, it will last a long time!

Popping/Hissing/Gurgling Clearomizer Tanks

Often times a leaking or hissing clearomizer tank is due to issues with improperly filling it with e-liquid and not an actual defective product. When filling your evod tank, any e-liquid that is filled in the center post will not be heated properly by the atomizer and will result in strange noises. To solve this, you can simply use a q-tip to wipe away any excess e-liquid that found its way inside of center airflow tube.

Hana Modz

HotVapes is an authorized dealer of Hana Modz and all of their products include a warranty that begins on the purchase date. Hana Modz deals with all manufacturing defects directly via phone [(630) 414-6608] or through this form: https://www.hanamodz.com/index.php?main_page=contact_us. Please contact Hana Modz for all performance issues that may arise. They will ask you basic information like if you got it through an authorized dealer, what the issue is, proof of purchase, and other similar questions. Hana Modz sales are final.
We ship all of our Hana Modz products with a signature confirmation.


The Bombshell

Our BombShell mod is special item and is assembled in-house, meaning the warranty is slightly different than our other mods. The Bombshell comes with a 90-day guarantee against manufacturing defects causing the mod to fail.  This means that should your device cease to function through no fault of your own, HotVapes will repair or replace your device. You will need to call or email us with your invoice number to arrange return. If your Bomshell is out of warranty, we are able to repair it for a nominal fee. Repairs typically take a couple of business days (not including shipping time) because it requires special attention to refurbish.


Incorrect Mailing Address

If you accidentally entered the incorrect mailing address in your order, please contact us immediately! We often ship our packages within 24 hours, but we may be able to change the shipping address if your package hasn't left our warehouse yet. This includes missing apartment numbers - sometimes carriers will refuse to deliver a package without an apartment number. After collecting the return shipping fee, we can reship a package to you after it has been forwarded back to us.
We cannot refund the original shipping fee. 

Shipping Refunds

HotVapes cannot guarantee that your item will arrive at an exact date and will not refund any shipping costs after your package has left our warehouse. Our shipping department is open Monday through Friday and we try to send out all of our orders within a business day after purchase. Sometimes UPS and USPS carriers experience delays that we have absolutely no control over. We cannot prevent extra days in transit from occurring, although it would be nice if we could.


How to Contact Us for a Return

If you are unsure about a return or need to return something, please contact us at sales@hotvapes.com or via phone at (773) 468-8273. Our office is only open Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm Central Time. (Please leave us a voicemail with your name, phone number, and a brief message if we are unable to answer your call.) When contacting us, please have your order information ready and as much information about the situation that is occurring as possible. (Pictures are awesome and help out a lot!)
We will make sure to correct the problem as soon as possible if your product is still guaranteed!

**Do NOT send us any items without contacting us about a return first. We will not accept any unapproved returns and they will be shipped back at the cost of the sender.

HotVapes is NOT responsible for items damaged during the return process. We will not accept packages shipped back to us in paper envelopes - we suggest using the same box from the original shipment.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns! We want to make sure you receive the best experience possible out of your vaporizer and would love to help answer anything you are unclear about!