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News and Reviews

 04/05/11 - Video

YouTube Teaser for VaperCon

Sweet Virginia -- October 2011
Click Me!  01/20/11 - Video

BombShell Review

by Tanner Robinson

Click Me!  01/11/11 - Write-up

Helmut's Chocolate Slurry HV Big Heart Flavors Review

by the intrepid Dr. Vapenstein


Click me! 12/21/10 - Write-up

Article on vaping in the RW Guide.com

by Tim

Click me! 12/21/10 - Write-up

Blueberry Fest HV Big Heart Flavors Review

by Dr. Vapenstein

Click me! 12/16/10 - Write-up

Hardware Review: The BombShell

by the diabolical Dr. Vapenstein

Click Me!

12/14/10 - Video

BombShell Review

by the head vaper himself, Grimm Green

Click me!

12/14/10 - Write-up

555 HV Big Heart Flavors Review

by the inimitable Dr. Vapenstein


Click me!

11/30/10 - Write-up

Smoking Out the Competition: HotVapes Personal Vaporizers

by StickerFly aka Custom Sticker Makers

Click me!

11/25/10 - Video

BombShell Review

by the Bombshell herself, Spikey of National Vapers Club

Click me!

07/14/10 - Write-up

Brief blurb about HotVapes

by a very cool website you should sign-up with

Click me!

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Here are some of our favorite things, click at your own peril:

 It happens once a year and lasts for 8 days







 Go See Live Music. Follow your favorite bands on tour.


 One of the top three U.S. mags published today.


 Andy Kaufman pulls one on the crowd.  Seriously funny.


 Very handy url shortener, e.g. see link to Andy's vid above.


 For all things dude...


 YMSB: simply the greatest live band today.


 Processing and album design for photogs.  We love these guys.



 One of the web's best podcasts.  Also available at iTunes.


 ...more to come