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Electronic Cigar. Menthol Mini Electronic Cigarette. Vapes

Electronic Cigar. Menthol Electronic Cigarette. Vapes

You may know some things about electronic cigerettes, but in case you’re wondering what they are and how they work, here’s the answer. These devices are personal vaporizers that can fit into your purse or pocket. They are operated by a battery and they turn liquid into vapor by using an atomizer. The vapor is inhaled, but it has no tar, doesn’t produce carbon monoxide, and it doesn’t smell.

Many people wonder about the advantages of electronic cigarette use instead of smoking regular cigarettes. There are lots of reasons why personal vaporizers are better. It costs less to vape and there is no smoke inhalation. There are no stains or yellowing on your teeth or fingers from a vaporizer. They’re refillable and easier on the environment too.

Most of all, vaping is enjoyable because we make over 120 handmade flavors that can be used in the vaporizers. Our HV Big Heart Flavors include tobacco, lite tobacco, and many tasty dessert flavors. There’s Colonial Gingerbread, Cinnamon Pear, and Coconut Dream Pie. We also have Organic and Shisha lines of liquids with unique flavors.

Some people use e-cigs as a help when they are trying to cut down or quit smoking cigarettes. Lots of smokers have quite simply because the flavors are so tasty when you vape. You can purchase liquids that we make that have different strengths of nicotine, or you can vape nicotine-free. Enjoy Chocolate, Mango, Vanilla, and even menthol electronic cigarette liquid if you love the taste of menthol.

We have different types of personal vaporizers too, like our Torpedo CE Series that has everything that you need to start vaping. It comes with a trusty battery that can be transported anywhere. The Torpedo Twist 650 Box is another of our complete kits with everything needed for vaping. This style has a clearomizer that can be refilled many times with our luscious liquid flavors.

The Torpedo Kit is made for those who like to vape for long periods of time. It has two batteries and mega clearomizers to hold liquid. Our exclusive custom vaporizer is the BombShell. It is sold in cool colors of aluminum material and it’s big and round. The batteries last for two to three days without charging. The BombShell is sold by itself as a Standalone.