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LR510 Bridgeless Atomizer

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LR510 Bridgeless Atomizer

Product code: LR510 Bridgeless Atomizer

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LR510 Bridgeless Atomizers provide great flavor and vapor.  They are available in black at 1.5ohm or 2.2ohm.

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The 1.5ohm low resistance atomizers are designed for use with our Torpedo and BombShell vaporizers.  They are not recommended for use with smaller cigarette-style batteries.  The 2.2ohm atomizers are not quite low resistance, they are actually more mid-level and can be used with any of our batteries.

Low resistance atomizers are great for use with our Torpedo batteries, and the BombShell paired with the 3.7v 18650 battery.  Because they have lower resistance (a lesser ohm-rating) they create better vapor and throat-hit than higher ohm-rated atomizers.  Additionally, these atomizers are bridgeless, which means they do not have a bridge or bulb to get in the way.  As such these bridgeless atomizers enhance vapor production and have exceptionally clean taste.  We have found using these attys that our juice flavors really pop.

Compared to LR306 atomizers, these bridgeless LRs have slightly less throat-hit, though still quite good indeed, but much more flavor.  We really, really like these attys.

Since they do not have a bridge, these atomizers cannot be used with cartridges.  They are designed for dripping.

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