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LR306 Atomizer

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LR306 Atomizer

Product code: LR306

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The LR306 is available in a low 1.5 ohms and also in 2.0 ohms.  Low resistance atomizers such as the LR306 allow more heat to the atomizer bulb creating bigger vapor and throat-hit.

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The LR306 is low resistance, which means it burns hotter than our 510 attys; it fits into a standard 510 connector port.  Some vapers prefer the bigger vapor and throat-hit lower resistance atomizers provide, while others say it comes at the expense of flavor complexity, rendering your e-juice less tasteful than otherwise.  It's a preference.  We tend to think the LR306 pairs nicely with our 3.7v 18650 battery and BombShell.  The 1.5 ohm atty is the best choice for those looking to maximize vapor and throat-hit; the 2.0 ohm is a nice middle ground between low resistance and standard resistance vaping.

The LR306 requires a drip tip.  If you do not have one or need another, we have four of your favorite colors available in the Accessories aisle.

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