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Are you looking for a way to kick start the New Year to a better you?

Many people will make the resolution to quit smoking cigarettes this New Years. Let’s face it though, that is one of the hardest resolutions to make. BUT there is an alternative!

Our electronic cigarettes are a great alternative that many people have found useful.

When you use our vapes you are given the option to choose your strength. This allows you to (as you are ready) gradually step down the amount of nicotine that you are using. Once you are ready, you can switch over to our nicotine free options!

We offer all kinds of different flavors. As you are cutting down on the nicotine you may find you want something more savory or decadent. We offer a wide variety of flavors that can meet those cravings (and saves you from sitting down and eating those cravings).

We also have flavors in the mint family. Wintergreen, peppermint and spearmint of course. But we also offer flavors like our Cinnamint. A lovely combination of cinnamon blended with the refreshing flavor of mint.

If you are ready to get started on achieving your New Year’s resolution check out our Electronic Cigarette Starter kits.

Happy New Year from Hot Vapes!