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Kanger Evod Kit

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Kanger Evod Kit

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The Kanger Evod Kit is a stylish kit that includes the Kanger Evod clearomizer.


The Kanger Evod Kit comes with: (2) 7-hour batteries (1000 puffs); (2) Evod clearomizers, (5) heating coil replacements (1) USB charger; (1) wall charger; and (1) instruction manual.

With two long-lasting batteries designed for those who vape for extended periods of time, you never need worry about being caught without a working PV. The Kanger Evod kit's 650 mAh batteries come in your choice of black, silver, purple, or green.

The included Evod clearomizers are a bottom coil design. These are different in the respect that instead of having the coil assembly on the top of the unit, it's instead located at the bottom of the base. The Evod clearomizer also includes a unique design in that, above the main heating coil, there are what are referred to as 2 “flavor wicks”. These help absorb and feed the liquid to the main coil assembly, as well as control leaking to almost nothing. The replaceable heating coil heads are then easily screwed off, and a new one is screwed on when your coil needs replacement. Liquid is filled by unscrewing and removing the bottom of the base. 

*The BCC clearomizer holds nearly 1.6ml of juice when completely filled. Heating coil replacements are available in 1.5, 1.8 or 2.5ohms. It is recommened that you change them periodically and they can be found here on our website.

It is recommended to keep the Evod clearomizer about halfway filled, to maintain the vacuum inside the clearomizer. This keeps leaking to an absolute minimum, and keeps you with a consistent vape.

The Kanger Evod kit produces really BIG vapes and hours and hours of flavor. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and looks great. It is the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite vaping aficionado.

*Li-ion batteries have a protected circuit board (PCB) to shut the entire lithium cell down in the event of instability, however, if the voltage being sent is way too much for that PCB to regulate, it can fry it completely, causing the lithium electrolyte chemistry inside of the cell to become unstable. There are numerous dangers associated with the lithium ion battery and it is very important that you educate yourself on the proper handling of such a material. A proper handling card is included with your order.

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