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Did you know Hot Vapes offers a Holiday Trilogy?

That’s right! This year you can give your vape e cig loving friends a gift they will truly enjoy. What is in this Holiday Trilogy you are wondering?

This year’s holiday e-cig liquid flavors include Krisp Kringle, Hoops Strength and Ginger blood.

Our Krisp Kringle flavor is sure to become a fast favorite. With its tangy cranberry and sweet crispy topping, you can’t go wrong! It is like having a holiday classic side dish, without all of the hassle!

 Our Hoops Strength takes on the flavor of your favorite fruit cereal, while our Ginger blood (brace yourself for this one) is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting fused with everyone’s favorite holiday spice, gingerbread!

With those three flavors your friends will be THRILLED to have you be their gift giver. Your gift to them is sure to be their most favorite of the holiday.

Our Holiday Trilogy is our first glass bottle line. It is specifically formulated for drippers and sub ohm tanks (keep in mind, these are not recommended for standard tanks).

If you wanted to make your gift an even better one for your friends, throw in a car charger! There is nothing more frustrating than craving your favorite flavor, just to realize your battery is dead. Of course, this always seems to happen when you are not at home. If you add in the charger, your friends will quickly realize just how thoughtful you are.

Don’t worry about how you will be able to top yourself come next year. We will be adding more flavors in the coming year!