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Did you know Hot Vapes can meet all of your electronic cigarette needs?

You no longer have to spend hours scowering the internet looking for all of your e-cig equipment and vapes.

We offer a wide variety of vape flavors. Some will remind you of your favorite kids cereals (our Crunch vape will bring back this favorite flavor memory), while others will appeal to your more decadent side (hello Chocolate Cake vape). Whatever the mood you find yourself in, we are sure to have the perfect flavor experience for you!

We offer menthol options for your electronic cigarette as well! We have many options of flavor and strength to fulfill any cravings. Menthol Clove, Menthol Chill, and Watermelon Chill (this is our mentholated version of our Watermelon Candy vape) just to name a few!

We also offer Nicotine free options as well! With flavors like Pomegranate, Wintergreen and of course our Optimus Lime (think Lime flavored Gelatin) and more, we have the flavors you love all without the nicotine. Concerned about the throat hit and after flavor? Don’t be! Our flavors are bold and smooth (all at the same time).

 You are sure to love every flavor you try, whether it be in our menthol line, or our nicotine free line! Contact us today and let us help you find exactly what you are looking for!