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Electronic Cigarettes Offer Retailers New Opportunities to Grow Their Businesses

As a billion dollar industry, cigarettes represent an incredibly lucrative market for retailers. However, as cigarette taxes rise and restrictions on smoking continue to expand, smokers are seeking alternatives to traditional cigarettes. As a fairly new addition to the tobacco marketplace, electronic cigarettes are gaining wide-spread popularity as a substitute for conventional smoking. These devices offer a similar experience to smoking, but the only by-product is water vapor, rather than secondhand smoke.

Since electronic cigarettes can be used nearly everywhere that analogue cigarettes cannot, smokers are flocking to these products. In addition, electronic cigarettes can be customized with varying levels of nicotine, so consumers also turn to them as an aid in the process of cutting down or quitting smoking.

Though they were once only a niche product, electronic cigarettes (e cigs) are now a well-known and in-demand item. Some brands have even launched national advertisement campaigns and secured celebrity endorsements. Industry publications such as Forbes have labeled electronic cigarettes as a market to watch for entrepreneurs, making this area a good potential investment for savvy retailers.

Before jumping into the electronic cigarette business, retailers should thoroughly research electronic cigarette wholesale providers. Because so many different types of electronic cigarettes exist, interested retailers need a knowledgeable wholesale  e cigarette provider who can walk them through the process of getting started.

Acquiring wholesale e cigs can’t help grow a business if the retailer stocks equipment or brands that are not right for their customer base. A good electronic cigarette wholesale provider knows and understands the differences in their products, and can articulate their attributes with clarity.

Wholesale e cigs open up a whole new arena of possibilities for retailers, because they may bring in both new and veteran users. If an area does not necessarily have a strong selection of electronic cigarette products, an enterprising retailer can further maximize this opportunity by combining good selection and innovative advertising.

For example, social networking sites offer a plenty of avenues for free advertising and word-of-mouth, with the only investment being a little time and creativity. Other ideas to bring in electronic cigarette buyers include customer loyalty programs, trunk show-type events that showcase new brands and special sale events.

Electronic cigarettes definitely represent an up-and-coming industry, and by capitalizing on this opportunity now, retailers can help corner the market in their areas. By doing the research, finding a good wholesale e cigarette provider, and being proactive in advertising, retailers can make the most of this trend and help grow their business.

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