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How to Find Your Own Vaping Style

electronic cigarette cartridgesOnce you have tried vaping and found you like it, it’s time to branch out and explore some of the different electronic cigarette brands, things like what type of electronic cigarette cartridges you prefer. HotVapes has some great collectable box sets with different kinds of vaporizers that will suit just about anybody.

We have three categories of kits: Ecig-style kits, Ego-style kits and mods.

An ecig-style kit has everything that you need to partake of the vaping lifestyle on a daily basis. You get two batteries and extra charging options. The Jewel Box Kit has the widely used 510 battery size which fits  many different accessories that you might want to choose separately, that means you get many options. The Fuze Kit uses the heavy-duty 808D battery that’s different from atomizers and cartridges that fit the 510 threading. There’s an advantage though, you get higher battery life and a really great, strong and controlled vape. It also comes with a travel charging case that fits to a USB port so that you can grab it and go when you’re busy.

Hot Vapes is where to buy e cigarette kits, liquids and accessories

The Ego-style Torpedo kits make you feel like a vaping aficionado. You get a heavy-duty vape that lasts for hours. The kits come with 2 650mAh and dual coil atomizer with a choice of cartridge, cartomizer and clearomizer that hold enough of your favorite e-liquids to go the distance. These kits are the lifestyle choice for vaping at home or on the road. To go beyond the Torpedo you need to start looking at mods that add power and control to your individual taste. Before you do that you may want to take a closer look at what Hotvapes.com has on offer in e-juices and find your favorite e-cigarette liquid taste to vaporize.

Smokeless Cigarettes That Really Do Taste Great

Vaping is not like tobacco you can choose flavors to match different types of equipment.  Ecig-style and Ego-style kits from HotVapes.com have the option to include refillable electronic cigarette cartridges. Ordering them prefilled is a great way to get started but the adventure starts when you can refill them from the three different lines of tasty liquids.

There are over ninty different flavors in the HV Big Heart Line, including many tobacco and tasty dessert flavors. We also have Organic and Shisha lines to give you a huge variety to choose from. Find your personal favorite or mix them to make a blend that is entirely your own. When you start vaping at this higher level you will have up-front expenses when selecting your equipment but you save (big-time!) in the long run, when compared to traditional cigarettes.

We have everything you need to live the vaping lifestyle right here, Order today and start enjoying the value and great taste of vaping with a premium electronic cigarette.