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Find Your Flavor With E Cig Liquid?

Recently, an amazing alternative to tobacco cigarettes has become increasingly popular among smokers all around the world. E cig liquid provides smokers with an experience that is even better than smoking the real thing.

The term for smoking an electronic cigarette is vaping. The reason for this is that instead of burning tobacco like traditional cigarettes, e cig liquid is vaporized to produce the appearance and taste to which customers are accustomed. In addition, smokers also get the nicotine fix that they desire. The upside to vaping is that it does not produce secondhand smoke, which is the reason most smokers are shunned in public as well as around their family.

An atomizer is used to heat the liquid, creating a vapor that is similar to cigarette smoke in appearance only. The vapor is inhaled just like puffing on a conventional cigarette, but does not produce continuous smoke like lit tobacco.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to smoking electronic cigarettes is the available variety. At HotVapes, you can choose from more than 120 different flavors of e cig liquid.

You can choose from our main line, which features over one-hundred different flavors, such as Apple Fritter, Banana Fandango or Blueberry Fest. Perhaps you are looking for flavor that is a bit more organic, such as Almond Cream, Carrot Cake or Coconut, which are all available for as little as $10 each. Our Shisha line features thirteen different tobacco based liquids, including Grapeful Dead, Hazelnut Praline and Mango. All of these flavors are available with nicotine strengths from 0 to 24mg and range in size from 17mL to 34mL.

Choosing the e cig liquid that is right for you is simply a matter of personal opinion. While some people want to try a variety of unconventional flavors, some people prefer tobacco flavor or a menthol electric cigarette. We have a variety of flavors available for sale that allows you to get the flavor that you like the best!