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E Cig Flavors. Electronic Cigarette Liquids


At HotVapes, we make our own liquids from special recipes that we have developed. They are hand-mixed with ingredients that we choose with lots of love and care so that you can enjoy them like we do. You can feel good about our USA made e cig liquid.

You may want to cut down on smoking cigarettes, or maybe you want to quit. We know from our own experience that our HotVapes personal vaporizers, often called e-cigs can help you do just that.

When you see our 120 flavors plus, you’ll find many e cig flavors that you’ll want to try. Our HotVapes (HV) Big Heart Flavors are our main line of yummy liquids. Some days you may want a tobacco flavor with or without nicotine, and another day you’ll go for our Blueberry Fest. You’ll want that flavor all day, or go for Caramel Apple or Cherry Sucka.

We also have tasty organic flavors like Organic Bananas Foster or Organic Almond Cream. We also make HV Shisha Flavors, including Apple Shisha, Pistachio Shisha, and more.

Each bottle is either 17ml or 34ml with your choice of no-nicotine, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, or 24mg. Try out Blueberry Fest, Our Why 5, Cinnamon Arbalest, Café Filbert, and Carnival. All are totally unique flavors. They’re some of our favorites, and we know that you’ll love them too.

If you enjoy desserts, you'll enjoy our delicious flavors Whisk Licker, Banana Fandango, Hellen’s Chocolate Slurry, Coconut Dream Pie, and “Some More.” You choose the nicotine strength or none at all.

Order any flavors from our three lines of liquids that include HV Big Heart Flavors, HV Organic Flavors, or HV Shisha Flavors. You may just find your favorite new flavor! They are sent to you in dropper bottles of 17ml or 34ml.