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Hot Vapes Full Line of E Cig Liquids And E Cig Flavors

At Hot Vapes, we take pride in providing the very best e cig liquids that are hand-mixed to order.

Electronic cigarettes are completely customizable in their options, and while good vaping equipment is essential, e cig liquids are the backbone of a truly satisfying experience.  Our liquids are crafted from 100% domestically sourced ingredients, because we want our customers to feel confident in their quality. With three distinct e cig liquid lines, and over 120 e cig flavors, you are sure to find the perfect vaping liquids to suit your tastes.  Read on to discover all of the delicious options that Hot Vapes offers. 

HV Big Heart Flavors

As the main line of e cig flavors, HV Big Heart offers over 120 unique flavor options for even the most discerning vaper. In this line, you’ll find a variety of tobacco flavors, which many smokers find particularly desirable when making the switch from smoking to vaping.  If you are looking for menthol electronic cigarettes, the Big Heart line includes three unique menthol flavors as well. New vapers looking for menthol electronic cigarettes will appreciate this distinctive selection. Beyond traditional tobacco flavors, HV Big Heart also features numerous fruity and dessert flavors to satisfy any taste and preference. As with all of Hot Vapes e cig liquids, HV Big Heart liquids can be custom-mixed with your desired level of nicotine, from 0mg to 24mg.

HV Organic Flavors

This line of e cig liquids includes 8 delicious fruity and dessert-type liquids, all made with organically produced flavorings. These flavors pack a tasty punch, and you can feel confident in choosing organic.

HV Shisha Flavors

Comprised of 13 unique, tobacco-based flavors, HV Shisha e cig liquids are a delicious assortment of fruity and dessert flavors that will satisfy any picky palette.


Hot Vapes is here to provide you with the service, selection, and quality you want at prices you can afford.