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Top-Quality, Locally Made E Cig Liquids: Hot Vaps Has The Flavors You Want!

At HotVapes, our goal is to be your go-to source for all your electronic cigarette needs, including our wide variety of e cig liquids and flavors. 

Smokewn special recipes. Your e cig liquid is mixed fresh by hand when you order, and we make sure that each and every bottle meets our strict quality standards.  What sets us apart from other electronic cigarette retailers is that we take great care to ensure that our e cig liquid ingredients are domestically sourced. You can feel confident that your electronic cigarette liquids are made in the USA.  

With over 120 e cig flavors, you’ll be sure to find the liquid flavor that is sure to satisfy!  From tobacco and menthol, to fruity and dessert flavors, we have an endless selection of tasty liquids. Each liquid flavor is delicious alone, or you can combine flavors to create a completely customized vapor profile.

Hot Vapes flavors come two different sizes, so you can always find an e cig liquid that fits your budget.  Flavors are available in 17ml and 34ml bottles so you can order as little or as much liquid as you want.  We can also adjust the level of nicotine in your liquid, from 0 to 24mg, allowing you to decide on the strength that’s right for you.

Remember that at Hot Vapes, we are always available if you have questions about our products. If you would like more information about our e cig liquids and flavors, email us today, and we will help guide you through finding the e cig liquid that is perfect for you.