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Electronic Cigarette Accessories Galore!

Electronic Cigarette AccessoriesIf you love vaping, you love accessories too! Like a woman’s purses or high heels or a man’s shoes and watches, electronic cigarette accessories are a lifestyle staple for vapers. There are, of course, e cig batteries and chargers and electronic cigarette cartridges that you need but there are a plethora of accessories you can choose from to spruce up your collection.

Some of these e-cig accessories include:

  • Shorty Cone for your Torpedo/Ego battery in addition to other cones
  • Drip Tip Adaptors
  • Pipe Drip Tips
  • Lanyards to attach your electronic cigarette too for convenience (and to help you keep from losing it!); you can also get a lanyard pouch
  • Large or small carrying cases
  • Suction Cup Stands
  • Additional connectors and adapters and more!

Whether you need electronic cigarette batteries and chargers, e cig cartridges, e liquids, or e cig accessories, Hot Vapes is your one-stop-shop for all things e cigarette!

Browse our site to compile the perfect “kit” for yourself, pick up some new accessories, try some new juices, or pick up some new cartridges. Most orders will arrive within just a few business days so you won’t have to wait long! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.