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Cheap Vapes. Cheapest Electronic Cigarette Kits

cheapest electronic cigarette

At HotVapes, we have a deal for anyone who wants to try personal vaporizers without spending a fortune. Our HV Torpedo CE Series is under $20 and it has everything in it to allow you to try cheap vapes for yourself.

Our Personal Vaporizer Torpedo CE Series is sold with an atomizer and battery. 

Although we sell different strengths of nicotine in liquids or pre-filled cartridges, we think that you’ll like trying the 18mg nicotine cartridges that are not the weakest or strongest strength that we sell.

You can choose the flavor that you want for your 5-piece cartridges pack with or without nicotine. There are tasty flavors like Chocolate, Mango, Vanilla, and Tobacco with or without Menthol, and more. There are many other delicious flavors that we make with love and care so that they taste absolutely great.

The cheapest electronic cigarette to try is the Torpedo CE Series. 

Our other vapes can save you lots of cash too. They have features like refillable clearomizers that are more economical in most cases. They also give you a wide choice of delicious flavors to try out of our over 120 flavors.

If you decide that you love your vape and want to buy some more pre-filled cartridges or liquids to refill your refillable cartridges, you will definitely save money over buying cigarettes. One of our 5-piece cartridge packages equals about 3 packs of cigarettes. It costs only about $15 for five 5-piece cartridges, so you can see that you’re saving lots of cash. It’s the same as getting a carton and a half for only $15.

Find Out Why So Many Are Enjoying Electronic Cigarettes