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Five Reasons E-Cigarettes Will Be A Huge Retail Opportunity In The Next Few Years

Electronic cigarettes are not some kind of fad among smokers. I’m going to give you five reasons why they’re a real change from smoking tobacco. If you’re looking for a cheap electronic cigarette source so that your retail business can ride the wave, look no further than Hot Vapes. We supply wholesale electronic cigarettes and a line of products that includes starter kits, electronic cigarettes and all the tasty liquids that go with them.

Reason Number 1: It’s Not Actually Smoke

The first reason that electronic cigarettes will get more popular is that they aren’t actually a source of smoke. Nothing is combusted. Instead, flavored organic oils are vaporized and inhaled. There’s no smoke, no tar, no carbon monoxide or other toxins. And only as much nicotine as you want in your vaporizer. That’s the initial appeal of vaping with more and more people. 

Reason Number 2: So Much Cleaner, No Offensive Odors

When you think about it, traditional cigarettes leave a lot of trash behind. Cartons, pack and other wrapping get thrown away to start. Cigarettes themselves leave ash and butts. You can always find the smoking area around the workplace by the stubbed out cigarette butts lying around. Then there’s that stinky tobacco odor of the smoke that sticks to everything around and just lingers. You don’t get any of that with E-cigs!

Reason Number 3: Great Taste

The vaping experience is about getting a great taste from your personal vaporizer. The tasty liquid that you use comes in many flavors. It’s based on non-toxic glycol and glycerin to give a taste and vapor that makes it so good. You can choose the amount of nicotine to suit your tastes from zero to about 24 milligrams in all of our flavors.

Reason Number 4: So Many Options for Content and Equipment

People who have learned to love the vaping lifestyle are able to choose exactly the components they want to include in their personal vaporizers. They can have an experience that is perfectly customized to their tastes and needs. Along with over 120 tasty flavors Hot Vapes has a wide selection of atomizers, batteries, clearomizers, kits and mods so that our customers and retail suppliers can get exactly the taste they demand.

Reason Number 5: Less Expensive Than Conventional Cigarettes

The last advantage I’m going to mention is that a cheap electronic cigarette is cheaper than the equivalent conventional cigarette. A ten-dollar bottle of e-juice will last about as long as couple packs of cigarettes and you get a discount on that if you buy larger quantities. If you do the math you can see that it is a whole lot cheaper to use electronic cigarettes.

So it’s less expensive, you can customize to your preferences, it tastes way better, there’s no stinky smoke, no more ash and trash and no toxic combustion products. Once people really start to appreciate how much better vapor electronic cigarettes are than the old-fashioned analog kind they will switch over by the millions.

Hot Vapes is the ideal source for wholesale electronic cigarettes.

Contact us today to find out how we can be your cheap electronic cigarette source. Make sure you have your business Tax ID number available when calling to set up an account. Don’t miss this exciting new retail opportunity! Contact Hot Vapes Today!