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Enjoy Hot Vapes Electronic Cigarettes at Economical Prices

If you’re looking for a cheap electronic cigarette, you don’t need to settle for cheap, inferior quality. Hot Vapes are e-cigs with class. They are also priced far less that you would expect to pay for the enjoyment you will receive from them.

Take our Torpedo CE Series. You can try it for under $20! You also get a CE4 clearomizer, a 650mah battery, and a USB charger. Fill up the clearomizer with your favorite e-juice, and this beauty is ready to vape!


Our Hot Vapes (HV) Torpedo Twist 650 Blister Box costs a little more for the initial output, but you’ll save money over time because it has a cartomizers that can be filled time and time again with your favorite liquid. They hold more liquid than most other e-cigs and are easy to fill. When you buy the Torpedo Twist Box, you’ll get a 650mah battery andreusable MT3 BCC clearomizer. We’ll also send you a portable charging case with USB cord.


You may also be interested in the BombShell e-cig personal vaporizer. You can get it exclusively at HV, and we know that you’ll love it once you try it. The Bombshell Kit that offers all you need to begin enjoying a good vape. 



All of the personal vaporizers at HV are competitively priced, and we sell all of the accessories that you need at our store. You can check us out at Facebook to see how much we are loved. Many vapers have fallen in love with our Hot Vapes, and they have saved bunches of cash in the meantime.