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Wholesale E Cigs Vapor Electronic Cigarettes.

Wholesale Hot Vapes personal vaporizers, homemade liquids, and accessories

All of our Hot Vapes personal vaporizers, homemade liquids, and accessories are available wholesale. We have done this since we started our business.

If you are a business and you’re interested in wholesale e cigs, you really need to see our line of products. See what our customers are saying about vaping with our personal vaporizers and how they love our tasty liquids.

You’ll realize that adding a display of our Hot Vapes products at your business is a sound idea. Selling wholesale electronic cigarettes can be a profitable venture for your business. 

Vapor electronic cigarettes have many advantages over regular cigarettes. There is no smoke, only vapor. The carbon monoxide is gone as well as the tar. Some places that have banned cigarettes allow personal vaporizers. They don’t make your teeth and fingers yellow or cause a stale smell.

The savvy crowd that visits your business will recognize the advantages of personal vaporizers, and chances are they’re in the market for one. They may have left theirs at home, or maybe it’s something that they have wanted to try.

You can call me, Tim, at 775-468-8273 ext 2 and I’ll provide prices for you. We will record your Tax ID number and other important information to set up a wholesale account for you. You can also contact us by clicking on the Wholesale link at the top of the page.

When you go to our  Wholesale Inquiries section, you’ll find information to recieve our Wholesale Brochure there. You can look through it and get a better idea of the products that we sell.