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There is

more tha

n one consideration in making your vaping experience

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a great

one.  Of course a first place to start is with the

right device.  While there are a number of types of devices

available, you want to find the personal vaporizer (PV)

right for you.  One consideration is size.  Many people have particular devices for specific occasions; for e

xample, one device for home and another for taking out on the town.  Smaller devices are great for portability.  Larger devices may be too cumbersome for all occasions, but they do have their upside.  Striking the proper balance depends largely on priority.  In some situations you may put a premium on transportability: Does the vapo

rizer travel well in a given circumstance?  In a different mode perhaps performance, i.e. vapor production and throat-hit, is the essential.  What is the best vaporizer depends, in part, on mindframe.

510 kits resembling traditional cigarettes in size and shape are a popular option when looking for a device that is low cost and easy to fit inside a small bag or shirt pocket.  Devices utilizing larger batteries, however, have the advantage of lasting longer between recharges.  Additionally, they tend to produce bigger vapor and stronger throat-hit.

Once you have chosen a device, the best vaping experience depends on other factors.  The type of atomizer or cartomizer you pair with your battery(ies) affects performance.  As does your choice of eliquid.  (Although you always can use pre-filled cartridges or cartos.)  In short, there are lots of choices.  Talk to Us if you have questions.

We like to call them personal vaporizers because we think that it describes what they are much better. In fact, many people have used our vapes and liked them so much that they decided to make a complete switch over to them from regular cigarettes.

Even if you’re not trying to stop smoking, you’ll love the e-cig. We sell many types of discount electronic cigarette styles. You can fill them with our delicious homemade flavors that either have nicotine or are nicotine-free. We put different strengths of nicotine in our liquids so we can offer you even more choice.