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 Personal Vaporizers

The Quick Kit comes with: (2) 555 tobacco or Menthol cartomizers, (1) white 510 automatic battery and (1) usb charger.Quick Kit

This kit is designed for those new to e-cigs and vaping and for those looking for a simple, low cost rechargeable kit.

The Quick Kit works great and does not set you back much.  Also, the cartomizers are refillable.  HotVapes offers over 50 tasty liquid flavors, including tobacco, fruit, dessert and organic recipes.



The HardBox Kit comes with: (1) atomizer, (HardBox Kit1) black automatic or manual 510 battery (180mAh) with red led, (4) tobacco-flavored 18mg cartridges, (1) 5pcs cartridges pack with or without nicotine, and (1) usb charger.

The HardBox is designed for easy transport. Stick it in your pocket or bag and take it with you. The HardBox is the kit many people begin with: it is inexpensive, portable, and contains everything you need to start vaping.





The JewelBox Kit comes with: (2) standard 510 or 510-T atomizers, (2) automatic 510 batteries (280mAh), (5) JewelBox Kittobacco-flavored 18mg nicotine cartridges or 5 blank (no juice) 510-T tanks, (1) usb charger, (1) wall charger and (1) collectible box.

Perfect for the person looking for a great standard starter kit in a handsome gift box, or for the person looking for an ecig-style device that can be easily refilled with tasty eliquid.  The atomizers + cartridges kit is great for those who like the ease of pre-filled cartridges, and the 510-T kit is the smart option for those refilling their vape with liquids.




The Fuze Kit comes with: (2) 808D automatic batteries, (5) tobacco-flavored 18mg nicotine cartomizers, (1) portable charging case with usb cord and rechargeable 1000mAh battery, and (1) user manual.Fuze Kit

Fuze is a next generation cigarette-style vaping device.  Instead of using an atomizer and cartridge, Fuze employs a cartomizer, which is essentially an atomizer and cartridge combined.  There are several advantages to this style of vaporizer.  For one, cartomizers hold more juice than cartridges and are much easier to refill.  This means that once you finish one of your pre-filled cartomizers you can refill her with your favorite liquid.  Fuze cartomizers hold about 20 drops of juice.  Rather than buying pre-filled cartomizers you can, if you prefer, purchase additional cartomizers blank and fill them with any tasty liquid flavor you like.  This way you not only get to change up your favorite flavors, you will also save money as cartomizers can be refilled many times over.




Torpedo Kit

The Torpedo Kit comes with: (2) 8-hour batteries; your choice of (2) mega atomizers with five 18mg tobacco mega cartridges, (2) cartomizers with 18mg tobacco flavor or (2) CE4 blank clearomizers; (1) USB charger; (1) wall charger; and (1) collectible box.





With two long-lasting batteries designed for those who vape for extended periods of time, you never need worry about being caught without a working PV.  Your kit arrives in a beautiful HotVapes collectible box containing all the essentials for a fantastic vape.  Mega cartridges hold 1ml of liquid, cartomizers about 20 drops and CE4 clearomizers nearly 2ml.



The BombShell is our exclusive custom vaporizer.  Standalone or as a kit, the Shell is a big beautiful mod.  If you purchase the kit you'll not only receive everything you need -- the BombShell, an 18650 battery, charger, your choice of atomizer and a drip tip -- but also a cool and collectible box to in which to store her.  Available in four cool colors, the BombShell takes one 18650 or two rcr123 batteries.  We have found that one 18650 (3000mAh) battery lasts two to three days without needing a recharge.  If you prefer using two 3v rcr123 batteries for 6v vaping, choose the 3.0ohm 510 atomizer or a 1.5 ohm dual-coil cartomizer, they work very well.

Standalone BombShell

Some people have asked: Why would I want such a big vaporizer? Well, beside lasting much longer between recharges, mods such as the BombShell produce much bigger vapor than standard vaporizers. The reason is, of course, because of the larger and more powerful batteries.

BombShell KitThe BombShell might not be for everyone, but when you hold one in your hand you'll know why it is such a cool vape.

In case you're wondering, HotVapes guarantees your BombShell against any manufacturing defects for 90 days from the time you receive your device. (Perhaps this is obvious, but should you disassemble your mod, you void any and all warranties.)

See the mod warranty for additional details regarding the Cherry Bomb and BombShell.





The BombShell Stinger is cool as the underside of the pillow.  Run its 26650 IMR battery natively or pick up a Kick and turn her into a variable voltage (wattage) device.Stinger

The 26650 battery lasts for days when run natively; with the Kick running at higher voltage she'll last a good long time, though not quite as long.  The Stinger was designed with the serious vaper in mind.




Though the battery is considerably larger than an 18650, the Stinger is the same circumference as the original BombShell and only half an inch taller.



The Variable Volt v2 features an LCD that allows you to dial in the voltage. Finding the sweet spot between 3.0 and 6.0v is easy, and it is what sets the Variable Volt apart from non-variable devices.
Variable Volt

With the Variable Volt you set the battery output in increments of .1 volts. This exquisite level of control adds new dimensions to the vaping experience, affording the opportunity to taste flavors in your favorite juices that you might never have known were even there!


The Variable Volt requires the use of a high drain IMR 18650 battery, which not only lasts a long time but is designed to withstand the extra load the device applies, and pairs best with our clearomizers, 3 ohm atomizers and single-coil cartomizers, and 2.5 ohm dual-coil cartomizers.




 Liquids and Cartridges

Liquids are available in 11ml, 22ml and 33ml bottles.

HV Big Heart Flavors come in an array of options.  Choose a flavor or two, or load up with one of our Handmixed Liquidssampler Flights.  Each of our Flights comes with five different liquids in 11ml dropper bottles; individual bottles are available in 11ml, 22ml and now, by popular demand, big 33ml bottles.  Our flavors are yummy and made right here at our lab in Chicago.

Also, see our new Shisha and Organic lines!

As all our flavors are handmade fresh to order, they are not eligible for refund or exchange. 


Cartridges are available in 5-packs.

Currently cartridges come in no-nicotine or 18mg-nicotine, in the following flavors: chocolate, vanilla, mango, tobacco, or mint (menthol).  Each cartridge is rated for 180-200 puffs.  In addition to round tip, some flavors also come in cartridges with a whistle (flat) tip mouthpiece.  The round tip cartridges are two-piece, whereas the whistle tip are one.  Both have a rubber cap, which has to be removed before use.

While our all our kits can be used with regular 510 atomizers and cartridges, we also offer mega cartridges, for use with the Torpedo, that hold 1ml of liquid.  These cartridges must be used with a mega atomizer and come pre-filled with tobacco flavor or blank (without juice).






Atomizers may be purchased singly or at a discount for five or more.

Our 510 atomizers are high-quality and designed to last.  They are available in black, white and pink.  No atomizer lasts forever though and after much use they will begin to exhibit degradation.  In order to keep your atomizers performing their best, every week or two soak them in a clear liquor, such as vodka or something stronger.  Some people have recommended Crest Pro-Health mouth wash.  Denture cleaning tablets are also said to work.



If you currently vape a mod, please do not use our atomizers with batteries above 6v.  This will cause the atomizer to blow out.  You will need to obtain a high-voltage atomizer for this type of vaping.  Our 3.0 ohm 510s do play nicely with two 3.0v rcr123s batteries (which are used in tandem for 6v vaping).  Either the 3.0 or lower resistance 2.2 ohm attys are compatible with any of our batteries.

HotVapes offers super-low resistance, big vapor and throat-hit producing LR306 attys, which are particularly popular paired with the 3.7v 18650 battery that comes in the BombShell kit or may be purchased separately.  Our new bridgeless LR510atomizers are awesome.  They provide great vapor and outstanding flavor.

For our Torpedo model we offer a mega atomizer that is built into a protective cone.  Mega atomizers feature a large bulb that provides great vapor, and work with mega cartridges that hold 1ml of juice!  Of course you can use any of our other atomizers and clearomizers, and our 510 single-coil or XL dual-coil cartomizers, with the Torpedo as well.  When using something other than the mega atty with your Torpedo battery, you may want to pick up a cone cover to give your vape a finished look.




510 clearomizers contain a heating element different from but similar in function to an atomizer's.  Clearomizers may not last as long as atomizers but for the price they are a bargain.Clearomizers  They hold either .8ml or 1.5ml of juice and are see-through, so you know exactly how much juice is left before needing a refill.  And they vape great!




Fuze single-coil cartomizers are available in 510 or 808D threading.
Fuze Single-Coils


510 single-coil cartos currently come blank, without juice, in black or silver and hold over 20 drops of juice.  They can be used with the small, 510 cigarette-style batteries, Torpedo batteries or the BombShell at 3.7v (using a 18650 battery).

808D single-coils come in black.  They are available pre-filled with 555 tobacco-flavor or blank.  They are compatible with 808D cigarette-style batteries.


Dual and Triple-coil cartomizers are 510 compatible.

Dual and triple-coil XL cartos fit a 510 drip tip, which are sold separately -- they hold over 20 drops of juice and are easy to refill by simply directly dripping into them.  The XXL dual-coils come with a black flat-tip mouthpiece and hold 70 drops of juice.  And we now offer clear XXXL dual-coils.  They come with a black rubber mouthpiece and hold about 95 drops of juice!

Dual and triple-coil cartomizers provide great vapor and tremendous throat-hit, the triples slightly more than the duals.  Duals can be used at 3.7v or 6v; triple-coil atomizers are recommended for use with two 3v batteries, which are used in tandem with a mod like the BombShell to create 6-volts of power.  They are not recommended for use with small 510 batteries.  Duals can be used with a Torpedo battery.

If you are looking to vape at 6v, check out our excellent Tenergy RCR123A batteries.




The Dual-coil Tank (DCT) comes in 3.5ml and 6ml capacities, with black or aluminum caps.  The DCT works in conjunction with our Dual and Single-coil XL pre-punched cartomizers.  The DCT gives you lots of vaping time without having to worry about refilling your cartomizer.

*Additionally, we offer some pretty cool hand-blown glass tanks in the Specialty Tanks section of our Accessories department.

Dual-coil Tanks...

Glass Tanks...


Batteries, Chargers and Accessories


BatteriesHV offers both automatic and manual 510 batteries, an automatic 808D battery, larger-sized Torpedo batteries and the very popular USB Passthrough.

For your mod, we also offer 3.7v 18650 batteries, as well as Tenergy RCR123A batteries standalone or as a kit.  The Tenergy kit comes with two 3v batteries for tandem 6v vaping, and a wall and car charger.

Our cigarette-style automatic batteries are vacuum-activated (by the force of your draw).  Both the automatic and manual 510 batteries are available in black, white and pink and rated for 300 charges. 

The 808D automatic cigarette-style battery is slightly longer than our 510 batteries (rated at 280mAh vs 180mAh) and lasts longer between recharges.  It is available in black and like the 510s features a red led tip.  808D batteries are only compatible with 808D cartomizers and chargers.

The USB Passthrough is a remarkable device.  Being mostly desk-bound, it is the set up we use most often.  Why?  Well, it features a battery that is always on; but more importantly, it just provides a great vape.  The reason is because the voltage out of your computer is higher than a typical battery -- nearly 5 volts!

For mods like the BombShell we offer 18650 and RCR123A batteries.




ChargersHotVapes offers several kinds of ecig-style battery chargers: 510 and 808D usb chargers, a wall charger and a car charger.  In order to use the wall and/or car chargers you will need a usb charger, which plugs into the wall and car chargers' usb inputs.  (Our kits come with a usb charger.)  This is actually a convenience and helps keep charger costs low.

For your mod's 3.7v 18650 batteries, we offer a dual-battery charger.  For 6v vaping check out the Tenergy RCR123A Battery and Charger Kit.




510/901/808 and LR306 Drip Tips are currently available in several cool colors. 
Drip Tips
These dandies not only accessorize your vaporizer making you appear as some kind of Cary Grant-cum-modern-day-Dr. Thompson -- or if you prefer, Lauren Bacall circa To Have or Have Not, only in glorious technicolor -- but, they are among the most functionally delightful appurtenances you're likely to find.  Slap one of these onto your atomizer, dropper some liquid through directly to the bulb and enjoy.  Change flavors on the fly or mix and match.  Drip tips make vaping liquids convenient.  Take control of your vape!




Carrying Cases are a handy way to transport your vape. 

Our cases are available in midsize or compact.  Midsize comes in blue or red, compact is available in stately black. Carrying Cases









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