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Personal Vaporizer. Electronic Cigarette FAQ

Electronic Cigarettes, Personal Vaporizer, Vapes FAQ

What Is a Personal Vaporizer (PV)?


A personal vaporizer is a pocket-sized, battery-powered device for turning liquid into vapor, utilizing an atomizer. It converts e-liquid into a vapor that is inhaled.  Personal vaporizers are inherently portable; they come in a variety of forms and seemingly limitless flavors.

People have different reasons for buying a personal vaporizer. Some have said it has helped them to cut down on smoking "analog" cigarettes, others have since abstained from analogs altogether. Yet many vape because they simply like the variety of flavors.

Whatever the reason, vaping seems to be something unto itself.  Click here to go to our Products page.

What Is the Difference Between a Personal Vaporizer and an E-cigarette?

The two terms are often used interchangeably. We feel that personal vaporizer is the more accurate term however. Vaping is enjoyable on its own merits and is not merely an alternative to smoking cigarettes. When you smoke you burn tobacco and exhale smoke. When you vape you atomize e-liquid and exhale water vapor. Plus you never stink of stale cigarettes, and it tastes a whole lot better!


What Is Your Shipping Policy?


To locations in the U.S., your PV and accessories are shipped Priority USPS.  We try our very best to keep your shipping costs to a minimum. For small orders – for example for orders under $20 – we will send your items first class. It may take a day or so longer but will save you a couple bucks.

What Is in the HV HardBox kit?

This “starter kit” is an easy and inexpensive way to vape; it comes with an atomizer, a battery, four cartridges plus one 5pcs cartridges pack with or without nicotine, and a usb charger. The 5 pcs cartridges come pre-filled in your choice of several flavors.

Our HardBox kit comes in a stylish and convenient hard-pack box.


What Guarantee Do You Offer? 

All our batteries and chargers are guaranteed for 30 days. Atomizers are guaranteed for 15 days. While we expect our batteries, chargers and atomizers to have considerably longer life, atomizers in particular must be "maintained" a bit more than other components; because of this the guarantee is shorter.  See our Tips and Tricks link on the left for more details on how to get the best out of your PV.



Our BombShell mod comes with a


90-day guarantee (beginning the day you receive your mod) against manufacturing defects causing the mod to fail.  This means that should your device cease to function through no fault of your own, HotVapes will repair or replace your device.  You will need to call or email us with your invoice number to arrange return.  You will need to give us a tracking number for your shipment.

Warranty covers only purchases made directly from HotVapes.  If you disassemble your mod, you void the warranty.

The warranty does NOT cover failure due to hard play or negligence.  For instance, if your device has been dropped hard enough to leave noticeable dings or gauges, the warranty is void.  On the other hand, if there are merely some minor surface abrasions caused by normal wear and tear, the warranty is still good.  Treat your mod well and she'll treat you well.

Another thing to avoid is over-tightening your

atomizer or cartomizer.  Most attys and cartos will not sit completely flush against the port in the top of the mod.  Trying to screw down your atty or carto to make it flush can cause the threads to strip and the button to not fire properly, and voids the warranty.  Over-tightening of attys and cartos also leaves telltale signatures.  Only screw in your atty or carto to the point when you can hear it hiss or that it produces vapor. 

Many times people think they may be experiencing a mechanical/electrical issue when in fact the problem is all together different.  Often performance issues are attributable to gunky threading or a bad atty or carto.  Check out more information on special considerations for the proper care and maintenance of your mod in the Tips and Tricks link on the left.

Vaping vs Smoking. Why do so many people feel that vaping is a superior experience compared to smoking?

1.) No smoke inhalation
2.) No offensive odor emitted into the air, on the clothes or breath
3.) It tastes great; there are many delicious flavors
4.) Costs less than smoking
5.) No stains left on the fingers or teeth, no burns left in the couch
6.) Can vape in many places where smoking is prohibited
7.) Components are rechargeable and refillable; vaping is easier on the environment
8.) No one will bum a “smoke” from you
9.) If you put the wrong end in your mouth, you won't burn your lips off
10.) It's way, way cooler