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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is a Personal Vaporizer (PV)?

personal vaporizer is a pocket-sized, battery-powered device for turning liquid into vapor, utilizing an atomizer. It converts e-liquid into a vapor that is inhaled.  Personal vaporizers are inherently portable; they come in a variety of forms and seemingly limitless flavors.

People have different reasons for buying a personal vaporizer. Some have said it has helped them to cut down on smoking "analog" cigarettes, others have since abstained from analogs altogether. Yet many vape because they simply like the variety of flavors.

Whatever the reason, vaping seems to be something unto itself.  Click here to go to our Products page.

What Do I Need to Start Vaping?

The most simple simple setup consists of three parts - a battery, a (clearomizer) tank to hold your e-liquid, and an atomizer head (also known as a coil).

The battery is the "power source" of the vaporizer. Although there are many different types of batteries that you can use, people typically start with  a 650mAh Ego/Evod-style battery. A higher mAh rating of a battery equates to a longer life of battery between charges. For example, a 1300mAh battery will last longer than a 650mAh battery between charges when subjected to the same usage. 

The tank (also called a clearomizer) is the top portion of your vaporizer setup that holds your e-liquid. Tanks come in a large variety of sizes and styles, which enables you to customize your vaporizer to your likings. As a side note, we suggest you use a pyrex/glass tank if you plan on vaping citrus or cinnamon based flavors, as these ingredients can erode a plastic tank over time.

The atomizer is the the small piece inside of your clearomizer tank the heats up your e-juice into vapor. The atomizer head is nestled at the bottom of the tank and looks similar to a wheel axle. These also come in a variety of different ohms and styles to match your tank. (These are often NOT interchangable between different styled tanks and you will need to know what type of atomizer head that your tank requires.) A higher ohm (2.5ohms for example) rating will typically heat up your e-liquid at a slightly higher temperature and at a faster rate. Whereas a lower ohm rating (1.5ohms) will typically heat the liquid slightly lower temperature and rate. Most (though not all) beginner tanks come with a 1.8ohm atomizer head, and for that reason we generally recommend to use that ohm rating to start with.

If you don't have any of these items on hand, we like to recommend our Torpedo Kit. The Torpedo Kit includes two 650mah batteries, two clearomizers (with atomizers inside), an USB charger, a wall charger - everything except the e-liquid. 

How Long Will My Battery Last?

This will vary a lot depending on how often you use your battery. For the average person, every 100 mAh's is equivalent to an hour of usage. For example, a 650 mAh battery will last the average person nearly seven hours of use before neededing a recharge. Over time, Li-Ion batteries will begin to loose their charge capacity. This is very hard to judge because it depends a lot on the number of times a battery has been regharged. Although, we have many people who have been using their same battery without issue for well over a year!


What Is Your Shipping Policy?

To locations in the U.S., your vaping equipment and accessories are shipped Priority USPS unless another form of shipment is selected.  We try our very best to keep shipping costs and time to a minimum. (We understand how important vapemail is!) Orders are shipped from our Chicago location Monday through Friday - orders placed Saturday & Sunday will typically ship out on Monday. You will recieve tracking info on your order as soon as it's confirmed. 

What Guarantee Do You Offer?

Warranty covers only purchases made directly from HotVapes.com. Purchases from authorized dealers must be handled at the store in which the purchase took place.  If you disassemble your mod, you void the warranty.

All our batteries and chargers are guaranteed for 30 days. However, we do not offer returns on our e-liquids. If you believe something is wrong with your e-liquid, please contact us and we will do our best to replace it. While we expect our batteries, chargers and atomizers to have considerably longer life, atomizers in particular must be "maintained" a bit more than other components; because of this the guarantee is shorter.

Our BombShell mod comes with a 90-day guarantee against manufacturing defects causing the mod to fail. This means that should your device cease to function through no fault of your own, HotVapes will repair or replace your device.  You will need to call or email us with your invoice number to arrange return. If your Bomshell is out of warranty, we are able to repair it for a nominal fee.

The warranty does NOT cover failure due to hard play or negligence. For instance, if your device has been dropped hard enough to leave noticeable dings or gauges, the warranty is void. On the other hand, if there are merely some minor surface abrasions caused by normal wear and tear, the warranty is still good. The warranty is also voided if lack general cleaning and maintainence of your vaporizer is observed. If you let excess e-liquid build up on your battery, it can disrupt the connection point and leave your vaporizer useless. Periodically wiping your mod off with a little rubbing alcohol and a q-tip can prevent this from happening.

Another thing to avoid is over-tightening your clearomizer tank or cartomizer.  Most clearomizers and cartos will not sit completely flush against the port in the top of the mod.  Trying to screw down your clearomizer or carto to make it flush can cause the threads to strip and the button to not fire properly, and voids the warranty.  Over-tightening of clearomizers and cartos also leaves telltale signatures.  Only screw in your clearomizer or carto to the point when you can hear it hiss or that it produces vapor.  

Many times people think they may be experiencing a mechanical/electrical issue when in fact the problem is all together different.  Often performance issues are attributable to gunky threading or a bad/old atty or carto.  Check out more information on special considerations for the proper care and maintenance of your mod in the Tips and Tricks link in our "Extras" category.
Check our Returns page under the "Extras" category for more information on our returns policy. 

What's the Best Way to Charge My Vaporizer?

Depending on the model of evod battery you are using, the LED button will flash ten to fifteen times when pressed - indicating that a charge is necessary. When plugging in the battery to charge, the button or ring will flash three times and the charger's indicator light will turn red. When the indicator light turns green charging is complete. It generally takes a couple hours to charge a fully drained battery. In general, the battery life of your vaporizer will decrease over time due to the nature of Li-ion batteries.

Only use the included corded USB and wall charger with Evod-Style batteries (output DC:4.2V 420mA), not the cordless charger. However, and this can not be stressed enough, do not use other wall adapters, such as iphone or ipad chargers, USB outlets that are on wall A/C plates etc... These types of chargers and outlets supply much more current from the wall, and may cause you battery to fail, vent, or explode.

Rechargeable batteries shoud be charged in a fire-proof container and checked after charging and before use. Never charge batteries unattended. Only use appropriate chargers intended specifically for your battery, DO NOT MIX CHARGERS(If the voltage being sent is too much for the protected circuit board (PCB) to regulate, it can fry the board completely, causing the lithium electrolyte chemistry inside of the cell to become unstable. Li-ion batteries have a PCB to shut the entire lithium cell down in the event of instability although using incorrect chargers can inhibit the board to perform correctly. There are numerous dangers associated with the lithium ion battery and it is very important that you educate yourself on the proper handling of such a material.)