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Atomizers, Vaporizer Batteries. E-Cig Batteries

Atomizers, Vaporizer Batteries. e-Cig Batteries. 

Resistance Is Not Futile!

Though you may choose to pair any of your vaporizers' batteries (510, Torpedo, 18650, rcr123, etc.) with a higher or lower resistance atomizer, for purpose of our discussion we will refer to the HV BombShell model vaporizer.


Our BombShell mod has been met with great acclaim, and for that we are gratified and excited. One of the salient features of the Shell is the ability to use different types of batteries to power her. Traditionally when using their mods, vapers have utilized different battery types in order to adjust the amount of power to the bulb of their atomizers -- with a higher level of volts translating into more vapor and throat-hit. All things being equal, higher voltage batteries correspond to bigger vapor/throat-hit. Of course, all things are seldom if ever equal.


Power is affected not only by battery voltage but also atomizer impedance.


Impedance is simply a measure of resistance. Every atomizer has a certain resistance level telling us how much the atomizer itself degrades power to its bulb. Though indispensable, just by showing up the atomizer takes something away: The degree to which the atomizer (atty) reduces power is expressed in its level of resistance; correspondingly, the higher the resistance the less the power to the bulb (which converts our precious e-liquid into beautiful vapor).


A low resistance atomizer allows more power to the atomizer bulb, which, as a result, burns hotter in comparison to a higher resistance atty (using an equivalent voltage battery). Confused yet? Don't be. Lower resistance = more heat.


There is a point at which you will find an atomizer burns too hot, cooking your liquid to an insipid crispiness. Finding the “sweet spot” balancing vapor production/throat-hit and taste is not so much a matter of battery voltage as the combination of battery and atomizer. In other words, the voltage of your batteries should be in harmony with your atomizer's resistance.


The sweet spot is very much a subjective thing. Some vapers prefer a higher level of power and some less, some a greater burn and others a more moderate one. Our standard resistance 510 atomizers weigh in at 3.0ohms – ohms measure resistance. Some consider a 3.0 atty high resistance, but it is actually more like medium resistance. Having completed some testing with our

3.7v 18650 Battery

We have found our standard 510 attys' vapor production and throat-hit performance somewhat less than we would prefer. This is our observation and preference. Your preference may differ. While the 3ohm 510s are still an enjoyable vaping experience, we decided to try pairing the 3.7v 18650 battery with a lower resistance atty.


A lot of vapers lately are heralding the praises of a newer type of low resistance atty: the LR306. The LR306 has a rating of 1.5ohms. Vaping with the LR306 has taken our already great experience with the BombShell to a whole 'nutha level. Though it burns hotter, the increased amount of vapor and throat-hit is, for us, simply outstanding. And if you haven't already, you might at least consider trying a LR306. It makes that much difference.


Using the LR306 with a 3.7v 18650 battery is for us substantially the same experience as vaping with two rcr123 batteries – used for 6v+ vaping – and our standard resistance atty. Many vapers have vaunted the merits of high voltage vaping citing greater vapor production and throat-hit. While mimicking this experience, the LR306 atty/18650 battery combination offers the added benefit of longer battery life between recharges. We have found our 18650s last two to three days of moderate to heavy vaping vs something less than one day for the rcr123s.


Rcr123 batteries come in 3.0v and 3.6 or 3.7v. These batteries are used in tandem producing 6+ volts total. After some testing we have found our standard 510 attys work nicely with two 3.0v rcr123s, producing great vapor and throat-hit without sacrificing much taste. We have tried them with 3.6/7v rcr123s and have found the atomizers burn out quickly however. So, if you are vaping two 3.0v rcr123s you might want to pair it with our 510 atty for a great vape.


While we currently do not carry any rcr123 batteries we do now carry the LR306 atomizers and extra 18650 batteries.



For you vape geeks out there, check out the Ohm's Law / Watt's Law link at the bottom of the page. You can enter your atty's resistance level and battery's voltage (nominal voltage is fine here, i.e. 3.7v rating or whatever your battery designates, as that is approximately what you get through your atomizer at load). See where your power performance is as measured in watts. They say the sweet spot is in the neighborhood of 10 watts.



Viva la Resistance!