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3.7v AW IMR 18650 Battery

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3.7v AW IMR 18650 Battery

Product code: AWIMR18650

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These high drain batteries offer superior performance, delivering a more consistent vape. Now with an increased mAh rating for even longer vape time!


The AW IMR 18650 battery is designed to provide a more consistent level of voltage between recharges.  Since it is a LiMN and not a Li-ion battery it does not require circuit protection; as with all batteries, please handle with care.  Because it is a high drain battery, it is able to withstand greater amp loads than traditional, non-high drain batteries.  This translates into far less drop off in vapor production over extended periods of time.

The AW 18650 battery has a milliampere-hour rating of 2000mAh (previously 1600).  Compared to Li-ion batteries, we have found them to last as long or longer while providing a more consistent vape.  If you enjoy 3.7v vaping and are looking for better performance, this is the battery for you.


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